The Stanley Cup in Ithaca

The Stanley Cup page makes me feel a bit old.  I had just finished playing in Cornell’s after-work golf league when I discovered that the Stanley Cup was on view in the clubhouse.  All of the invited guests had been given a chance to see/hold it, and I was able to walk right up and pick it up.

I was lucky enough to have a friend in attendance who offered to take this picture with a film camera, and she later sent me a print, which I scanned.  In those days, there weren’t dozens or hundreds of smart phone cameras at every gathering, so I feel very fortunate to have a record of the event.  I also doubt that most fans get to lift the cup by themselves at modern events like this.

For years I used this picture as the head shot on my web page and LinkedIn.  But I can’t say I look like this anymore.  The beard is gray and I’ve probably filled out a bit.  So, I had my wife take a new picture for the head shot.  At least I still have a good reason to keep this one on my web site!