A Centralized CSS File

After reworking three web pages, I am seeing certain CSS content that is the same across all pages.  I have moved this into a central CSS file that is now included in all site pages.  Each page also includes a local CSS file with stylization that is specific to that page.  The central page now includes a background image and a font specification.

Changing the font really helps make the page look less like a relic from the 1990s.  After doing some reading, I decided to use Google Web Fonts rather than including font data files on my site.  I am not that particular and think the Merriweather font looks fine, so I chose that.  Not having to maintain the font data is very appealing to me, and the load time still seems reasonable.

Updating “Spring Into Action”


I created the original version of the Spring Into Action page after the SIGGRAPH (computer graphics) conference in New Orleans in 1996.  A copy of that page is still available at an FTP site at Silicon Graphics (SGI) – isn’t that ridiculous?  Since then, a number of people have uploaded YouTube videos showing how to fold this origami model.  While seeing it done is probably better than reading a lot of words, I think there is still value to this page, as many videos are done without voice and with few written instructions.

I updated the text a bit, added a short video showing the spring in action, and updated the old HTML into separate HTML5 and CSS files.  Nothing fancy, but this is my first use of an embedded video and my first time limiting the width of the content regardless of the window size.