The “About Me” Page

My About Me page used to contain some pictures of my family and the kind of personal information that seemed more appropriate when the internet was younger.  I have turned it into a summary of my career, including links to my LinkedIn page and current resume and some short summaries of my work experiences and education.

I wanted the page to look more like a professional web site than most of the other content I had reworked before.  I created four sections of exactly the same size and added drop shadows below them.  Two of the sections use JavaScript to show a paragraph of information when the user hovers over one of the contained images.  This dynamic display is a bit different than the one in the Broken Leg page.  There, an image was overlaid at a fixed position that was calculated dynamically.  Here, a div is dynamically inserted at a relative location by manipulating the DOM.

I am pretty happy with the way it looks and works.  A message is shown in JavaScript is disabled, though that may be a poor alternative to seeing the dynamic text.  Part way through the work I realized that this design is not compatible with touch screens, where there is no ability to hover.  I will need to revisit this issue and see if there is a way to maintain the dynamic display without changing the feel of the page.